About Us  


To be Thought Leaders in the New Age Economic and Social Space, empowering
value based Enterprises for Sustainable Growth.tries.


To ignite people's mind with Leadership Quotient for creating a robust work
culture based on holistic knowledge and practical wisdom.


Global - To bring National and International organization clusters together through Business and Economic Innovations for a Balance World.

Relationship - To build Relationships through Human Values of Care, Concern and Collaboration

Business - To conduct Business Activities - Ethically Morally and with Integrity

Leadership and CSR - To develop Leadership qua ties with Social Consciousness through Words, Deeds, and Action

Noble Purpose - To establish the Spiritual Quotient and realize the higher Goal of Life

CROSSLINK INTERNATIONAL, a New Age Strategic Consulting Firm has identified two important factors that influence New Age Leadership to address Modern Markets and Turbulent Times.
The two factors are :

THE TECHNICAL FACTOR The Key Words that are associated with this factor are Capital, Knowledge, Process, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Technology, Computing/ IT, Time, etc. These factors are comparatively easily understood, but the other factor namely the HUMAN FACTOR is more complex and difficult to predict and analyze.

THE HUMAN FACTOR The key words associated are Adaptability Skills, Analytical Skills, Convincing skills, Resourceful Skills, Communication Skills, Commitment, Courage, Strong Will and an Affirmative Mindset.

Significance of Logo and Name

The logo implies graphically ‘Infinite Possibilities Through 'Innovation’
The name 'Crosslink International' signifies ‘ A global amalgam of Cross Cultures
towards Economic and Social Growth ’