The Open Loop Theory is associated with the Human Brain. The human body as we know is a closed loop structure. We have the respiratory system, the circulatory system etc; which operate in a closed loop. It is the Brain that follows the Open Loop System because it is controlled by the Limbic system of the small brain which lies below the Northern Hemisphere and which is virtually a storehouse of our emotional experience. Here we depend upon the External source or stimuli to manage itself . We depend upon other people or situations to manage our emotional stability. E.g. Mother and Child or the stockmarket and heart relation.
Going by this theory Absolute Leaders are able to affect the physiological and thereby the emotions of the people by their Ideas, values and actions.

7 Attributes of the Absolute Leader

   -  Cultivate the Principle of Deep Democracy
   -  Encourage New Ideas and Infuse Ideals
   -  To Mentor People
   -  To be Continuously Learning
   -  To have a Complete Belief in One self –Always
   -  To be in the Present(I can, I will, I am)
   -  Develop the success Habit

Finally to create the Absolute Leader one has to migrate from IQ to EQ .After this transition takes place one can move on to SQ which makes us realize our divine nature and makes us realize our higher Purpose in Life.

Jai Hind