Friends! Hurdles are a part of life. Some come as a part of your business and some come unexpected, from quarters which are not remotely connected with your Business or your life.
Assuming this reality, Plan your business keeping the objectives in clear focus. You should know where you are heading. The other day I was at a presentation, where, when asked whether the goal was important, the majority said No! I was a bit taken aback. This was a crowd of entrepreneurs who were running successful business but had no goal in sight. If there is no goal then where is the feeling of achievement. If there is no achievement then where is the feeling in business. For them business is a series of activities to be completed for some monetary reasons. Where they are heading in their business was not on their radar screen.

Now to such businessmen I would like to suggest that Planning plays the important role in defining the goal. Every plan should be conceived as a whole, but executed in parts. Each part achieved should be a milestone. When one reaches a milestone in one’s business then one should pause to reflect. This introspection will give you the courage and determination to cover the other milestone ahead. It will make you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. It will give you insights whether you are on track or whether you need to change track. It will also make you jubilant for a celebration on the grounds that you have succeeded. On the other hand if there were no milestones the journey of business would look monotonous.

It would be a mechanical activity performed without feelings. Human behaviour says that anything alone without feeling lacks passion. When you are not passionate about your business you will not see it growing to your expectation. Somewhere down the line you will get descanted. So bring your Business to life with a cohesive Plan in place. When the business is under attack or in turbulent times bring life into your business with the help of people who can read the future. Be part of business forums, where new insights are available.

Be part of continuous learning programs which give you knowledge to experiment and experience. In the next few years we will see a dramatic change. This change will be driven with technology in the driver’s seat. Concern for our Planet Earth and restoring back the environmental balance will force people to look out for new ways and means of doing business. Only when one is prepared will one survive and the survival mantra is to plan and document.

Your Vision Articulation of your plan will make you see the hidden reality and expose your weaknesses. Let every plan have a contingency Plan. A Plan ‘B’ in case the original plan does not work up. This exercise will speak, how prepared you are to take on the challenges thrown in by opportunity. Survival will then not be for the fittest, but for the smartest.