Hello Friends! The 21ST CENTURY needs a New Thought, in creating the Learning Organization –The Knowledge Enterprise. The Leaders /Promoters have to have an Obsession for People. To have the Right Professional and to develop them, to take care of their present and futuristic needs. Involve people in your creation and believe me, my friends success will embrace you. You will achieve the winning streak in every venture you undertake.

In the 21st century the key battle will be the war for employing and keeping the best people. Please note in the knowledge era it is the only competitive differentiator. Thus if everything evolves round People, then the leaders have to understand the minds of the workforce. Everything should be directed in aligning the mind towards Management goals. The results which will occur will always be achieved by people. To understand the result path we have to understand the various stages. All results are the outcomes of Human behavior. The behavior of a human being rests on attitude and assumptions. Attitude lies on the surface of beliefs. Beliefs in turn rests upon values and underneath the values lie the thoughts. Thus to have positive results, leaders have to address the thought process and see that an environment is created wherein the people generate only positive thoughts. One has to note that consistent results have a strong link with commitments. It is observed that one shows true commitment only through one’s behavior. Now it is important to have behavior in line with values. If there is a mismatch it causes stress.

As a part of Human Resources, I have observed that there lies a big gap in the value system. The values of the individual and the values of the organization. I find most of the time the emphasis or the criteria for man power selection lies on technical skills and experience. Very little emphasis is given to values and this is one of the reasons which bring about poor performance. In the case of individuals as job seekers they spend too much time thinking of the “package” and too little on choosing the environment (and a boss) that is personally aligned to their values.

To conclude let me forewarn that a clear value framework should be at the heart of any decision making. Decisions made on value increases confidence and self esteem. From the values set in by the leaders the vision statement emerges. All strategies are diverted towards achieving goals, but all goals should flow out of the leader’s vision. It is unfortunate that in India very few organizations give importance to vision statements. Generally a Vision statement is a bunch of flowery words assembled on a lovely frame and hung on the wall. Just as an artifact adorning the wall. The visions statement in its true sense is a product of a group of leaders/ promoters and not the dream of an individual. The statement must contain both a challenge and a general road map giving directions of how to achieve goals.

The Vision statement is the ingrained philosophy that broadly expresses the purpose of why one is in business. Words have their own magical powers to motivate. The words that form the Vision statement have the emotion of the leader/s. If there is no emotion then the words appear dry and one is not able to get the desired results. Vision statement creation is a process deeply linked with values. So it is my earnest suggestion that the primary function for a leader is to formulate the Vision statement and get it communicated across the organization.