Leadership Training & Mentoring for Enterprenuers & MSMEs

Leadership Training & Mentoring for

Enterprenuers & MSMEs

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is the engine of economic growth, both in India and globally. MSME significantly contributes to industrial, economic, technological and regional developments in all economies, developed and developing.

CROSSLINK INTERNATIONAL recognizes that MSMEs / entrepreneurs need to be vitalized for competitiveness and sustainable growth under new world trade rules and faster technological changes, including wider use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) besides new business models. Unfortunately, MSME Sector does not get the required support from the concerned government departments, banks, financial institutions and corporate, which is a handicap in becoming more competitive in the National and Global markets.

CROSSLINK INTERNATIONAL will address the following issues that are faced by existing/new companies in MSME sector :

  -   Leadership & Succession Planning.

  -   Sourcing Talent from outside the family-relatives-friends environment.

  -   Harnessing the available IT and Social Media resources.

  -   Making available adequate and timely banking finance.

  -   Bringing forth effective Marketing Strategy.

  -   Modernization, Expansions and setting Global Foot prints.

  -   Helping in Brand Creation.